Yazarı :F. M. Guillemin, N. Likhanov, R. R. Mazumdar, C. R

Programs written in C are innately unprotected against to buffer overflows. Buffer overflow

is the result of writing more data into a buffer than the buffer can hold. In C parameters

are passed to functions barely without any concealing up their sizes. Despite numerous

security technologies manufactured to oppose to buffer overflow defenselesless, buffer

overflows going on to be the controlling form of software security vulnerability.According

to internet break in statistics 35% of them are due to buffer overflow exploits. In this paper

buffer overflows detailed properties and how it can be will be happened explained. Buffer

overflows caused security weaknesses, this paper will touch on security risks occurred by

this vulnerability. An exploit is a program, usually written in C, that exploits some problem

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that another program has. The exploit will allow you to run arbitrary code that will let you

do something that you shouldn’t be able to do in your normal status on the system. Buffer

overflows can be used while writing exploit. Against exploits,for closing security opens and

preventing attacks some techniques are used.

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