Yazarı :Eliot Goldfinger

The strength of this book lies in the fact that so many people have been so generous with their time, knowledge, resources, and collections. I thank Stuart Pivar, founder of the New York Academy of Art, who provided an environment for me to teach animal and human anatomy to artists. He strongly supported the acquisition of an anatomical collection of compar- ative skeletons, related artwork, anatomical models and charts, and the use of dissection as part of the curriculum, which allowed me to create an anatomical teaching facility of the highest caliber with the best students. My two books on anatomy are a direct outcome of that experience. I am indebted to the late Dr. Emil Dolensek—a great veterinarian, a remarkable man, a friend, and, to my great honor, my student—who taught me much about anatomy and made the animal hospital at the Bronx Zoo available to me to dissect some incredible animals. Jim Doherty, general curator at the Bronx Zoo, has been enormously helpful to me for many years in my study of live animals, and I am truly grateful for his generosity and his friendship, and for reviewing the animal silhou- ette drawings

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